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I have found my new summer savior…..this neutral trio from Wet n’ Wild called Walking on Eggshells. Boy is this perfection. This Monday morning was a particularly unpleasant wake-up call with a blemish on life’s complexion called “Taking a Passport Photo While Breaking-Out”. Tyra once got booked as a model off of her passport picture, and although I am in no way even remotely interested in becoming anything like Tyra, it is not-at-all very likely that in my travels I will be seated next to model agency executives, Anna Wintour, maybe a tranquilized Naomi Campbell (I’m one stomach flu away from my model body…).  In any case, this trio got me looking as fresh-faced as possible without putting in a lot of effort or money; exactly the way I like it!!! All the products on my eyes were from the drug-store.

To get this look, after priming with ELF eye primer, I just swept the bottom color, a light champagne/pink color across my lid, and then blended the brown color into my crease, and put a little of the brown color on my bottom lashes. I added the top white color to my inner corners, and then added liquid liner (L’Oreal Telescopic Liner in Black), and mascara (Maybelline Colossal in Black). 

This is so easy, and the pigments are insane. The pink color and texture reminds me of Stila’s famed eyeshadow in Kitten, or Urban Decay’s Sin color, which is in the Naked Palette. This is such a value, and totally worthy of having on hand whether you are a cosmetics enthusiast, or just trying to look decent on this tease of a Monday (please just let it be the 4th already!!!). I have found myself coming back to this trio again and again in my lazy summer days, and think this is a super easy look for any chica to pull off. Stay tuned for some great 4th of July looks that will make you look much more put-together than you feel after that third keg stand. 

*Additional note: this could also be dupes for the Mac Shadows Shroom (white), Cork (brown…although Cork is not shimmery), and Naked Lunch (pink).